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Thursday, 14 November 2019

This small site is supposed to provide information for people wanting to get started using CGI script on their Web-site. It especially focuses on how to avoid the most common problems when starting to use CGI. The examples used within this site are in Perl, however the underlying principles will apply to virtually any language you might use.

Information provided here is only meant to help you getting started. It can only cover the most common problems and traps, if you seriously want to use CGI you will have to refer to standard documentation of the programming language of your choice, e.g.
The examples on this pages should serve as help to get started. If you have problems with them you will have to find your way out yourself by referring to the documentation !

  1. "Hello World"' or "Try to get a simple script running before you  attack the difficult ones !"
  2. Turning on debugging information  !
  3. Accessing  files or "Are you sure you know where you are ? (in preparation)
  4. Uploading files using HTML-Forms. 
  5. Sending Mail from a CGI-script !
  6. Using Perl-modules that are not in the standard Perl distribution
  7. Connecting to a Database (using DBI)
    In case of problems: You can try to go through the Check-List for Common Errors !!!

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